September 13th, 2012

Celebrate September!

Did you know?! September is a month full of many food-related promotions. More specifically, to name a portion of them, September is:

  • National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
  • National Cholesterol Education Month
  • National Chicken Month
  • National Honey Month
  • Better Breakfast Month
  • National Food Safety Month

40751-Gourmet-Chicken-Hot-DogFor National Chicken Month, what better way than to indulge in Thin ?n Trim All Natural Chicken Sausages, Thin ?n Trim All Natural Gourmet Chicken Hot Dogs, and Thin ?n Trim Fresh-Cut Chicken Deli Meats (Buffalo Chicken, Honey Mesquite, Peppered Chicken, and Roasted Chicken Breasts)? Since September is also National Honey Month, then Thin ?n Trim Honey Mesquite Chicken Breast is even twice the ?fun?!

Remember that Thin ?n Trim is proud to have low fat and low sodium products, thus aiding in your pursuit of healthier meals for you and your family!

46069-Ham-Steak_web-largeThin ‘n Trim Ham Steak would be a nice addition to any egg or omelet dish for a Better Breakfast. Or, you can just use our All Natural Chicken Sausages in meals like these: French Toast Breakfast Sandwich and Kale, Red Bean & Chipotle Chicken Sausage Hash!

And of course, Food Safety Month! The theme for 2012 is ?Be Safe, Don?t Cross-Contaminate?, which is pretty straight forward. However, here are a few other safe reminders. Remember that it is always important to keep your meat refrigerated or frozen as directed before use. When you are grocery shopping, try to purchase your cold meats last to ensure that they remain cold as long as possible. Also, it would be helpful to have an igloo or a cold bag to help maintain a cooler temperature as you?re going home from the store. Note that blown packages are a big no-no when it comes to food safety. Don?t forget to check the ?use by? or ?best by? dates!

Enjoy the month of September!

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