January 28th, 2014

Get Excited About the Superbowl!

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While our beloved Patriots did not make it to the Superbowl, that does not mean we still cannot get excited. There will be lots of screaming and eating involved! Our Thin ?n Trim Chicken Sausages and Chicken Hot Dogs will definitely be a great addition to your plates. Packed with such great taste, no one will know just how healthy they are eating amongst all the screaming and excitement of the game.

But of course, if you do not want to take our word for it, check out these two awesome testimonials from people who cannot wait to serve Thin ?n Trim at their Superbowl shenanigans!

Good evening Thin ‘n Trim,

I am writing you to share my thoughts. So for a New Year?s Resolution, I’ve decided to share my love with those I love… well you’ve made the list! I love love your chicken sausages.? I mean let?s get serious; you are hands down the best! There is nothing like you on the market!..totally awesome! I have only had your Italian one but I see on your website that you have so many other options, like your buffalo one sounds awesome, no wait your garden veggie nooo wait your chipotle and peach salsa holy cow I am getting hungry and I have yet to try any of em?but let me tell ya I am on total mission looking for it. I am going to stop and shop?to skim the shelves and see what else of yours they got. Because Superbowl is coming and you know there will be plenty of food and grilling and you are neeeeddeedd!!! You guys are great! Keep up the great job!

I wish you a Happy and successful New Year!

Vera,?Little Ferry, NJ


I recently just bought my kids chicken hot dogs your dogs, because they love hot dogs so much that I need to look for a more lean hot dog and I saw you in my local super stop and shop and I decided to pick you up, and goooooooaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll they didn’t know the difference, this is better than winning the Superbowl. Oh my goodness I am having a Superbowl bash because I am about 10 miles from the stadium and I just added you to the grilling menu. I see that you also have sausages. I hope stop and shop has that also because I am stocking up. You are more than welcome to come to the bash just please bring some dogs and sausages 🙂


Violeta,?Hackensack, NJ


Thank you so much Vera and Violeta for your wonderful comments!

So if you are looking for a variety of items to serve as you are enjoying the Superbowl, be sure to pick up a few packages of Thin ‘n Trim products!

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