April 16th, 2013

National Food Month: Week 3

Happy April!! We are nearly a month into spring and halfway through National Food Month. For those who are not aware of the food holidays, we have a few coming up this week that you can ?celebrate? with Thin ?n Trim products!!

First and foremost, remember that you can submit your own recipes along with a picture to our website! It doesn?t matter if it is a family recipe, a modified one that you found online, or a spur-of-the-moment creation. We would love to see just how you enjoy our products! Once submitted here, we will share it with everyone else, while giving you the credit 😉 .

Now, back to the holidays:

April 16: Day of the Mushroom


Grilled-Portabella-Turkey-MuffulettaOn this day, while none of our products have mushrooms in them, you can enjoy our Grilled Portabella and Turkey Muffuletta recipe instead! This recipe calls for portabella mushrooms and our Thin ?n Trim Turkey, which happens to be gluten-free, low fat, and low sodium. In fact, any of our deli meats are the lowest in sodium that you may ever find!

As you can see, we are limited with our mushroom recipes. So why don?t you go ahead and throw us one of your recipes, if you have one? J

April 19: Garlic Day


Now, you don?t have to go biting in cloves of garlic. Instead, you can discreetly enjoy Garlic Day by eating some of our products that are flavored with garlic or by enjoying a few recipes that include some form of garlic.

Our Thin ?n Trim Italian Roast Beef and Cooked Corned Beef Round are two products that are already flavored with garlic and ready to eat. You can easily make a sandwich with either!


In terms of recipes, you can enjoy these recipes:

Roast-Pork-with-Garlic-and-Red-PepperRoast Pork with Garlic and Red Pepper, which calls for garlic cloves and our Thin ?n Trim Roast Pork.

The following are recipes using both garlic and our All Natural Chicken Sausages. Our chicken sausages are all natural, gluten-free, low fat, and low sodium. In fact, they are comparatively, one of the lowest in fat and sodium that you can find on the market. They are also pre-cooked, which allows for quick meals, as well as quick and healthy snacks!

? A recipe submitted by Nicolette Castaldo from Mt. Vernon, NY: Nicolette’s Greek Style Chicken Sausages, which uses our Thin ?n Trim Spinach & Red Onion Chicken Sausage along with sliced garlic cloves.

??Red Roast, using our Spinach & Red Onion Chicken Sausage with chopped garlic. (pictured below, on left)

??Pasta Roma, which uses our Thin ?n Trim Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage with chopped garlic. (pictured below, in middle)

??Kale, Red Bean & Chipotle Chicken Sausage Hash, with minced garlic and our Thin ?n Trim Chipotle & Peach Salsa Chicken Sausage. (pictured below, on right)

Red-Roast? ? ?Pasta-Roma? ? ?Kale-Red-Bean-Chipotle-Chicken-Sausage-Hash

That concludes our holidays for this week.? There will be more next week! Don?t forget to submit your recipes here! We would love to hear from you.

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