March 11th, 2013

Q&A: Blake Stephens on Thin ‘n Trim & His Weight Loss

Last week, we saw in Blake Stephens? testimonial that he lost 87 lbs. after he started eating our Thin ?n Trim All Natural Chicken Sausages. Just so you know, Blake?s initial reason for contacting us wasn?t even about his weight loss! It was a question he had regarding the supermarkets in the Southeast that carried our products. After a few emails back and forth, he then shared his surprising testimonial. That definitely caught our attention, because it was a voice, other than our own, that reinforced the health benefits that our products offer. We even asked him to show us before and after pictures!!

Blake Stephens' before and after photos since he started eating Thin 'n Trim Chicken Sausages

We wanted to know a little bit more about Blake and his relation with Thin ?n Trim, so we asked him a few questions. Unfortunately, it was not a face-to-face session since he?s from South Carolina! In any case, here is the transcript from our Q&A, with Blake’s replies in blue:

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  • How and when did you first discover our Thin ?n Trim brand?
    • About 10 months ago while in the supermarket.
  • What was it about our chicken sausages that made you want to try it?
    • I looked at the nutrition and was curious enough to give it a try.
  • In regards to food in general, what do you look for when you go grocery shopping?
    • When I?m shopping, I make sure to check out the nutrition and the ingredients of products.
  • Do you recall what your impression was after your first bite?
    • Very tasty!!
  • Have you tried other brands that make chicken sausages?
    • Yes
  • In your opinion, how does Thin ?n Trim compare to the other brands?
    • To me personally, it tastes the best; it?s the lowest in calories, and an all-around good product.
  • What is it about Thin ?n Trim chicken sausages that keeps you wanting more?
    • ?The taste first and then the nutritional factor.
  • Did you expect to lose weight on a diet that included Thin ?n Trim chicken sausages?
    • By going by the caloric content of the other available products available, I knew that your brand of chicken sausages would help me lose weight.
  • Since you pay a lot to the nutritional content of your food, were there other changes to your lifestyle other than eating Thin ?n Trim?
    • Honestly I gave up my gym membership and started a walking program on my own.
  • Were there any other noticeable benefits to eating Thin ?n Trim chicken sausages than the weight loss?
    • Saved money, and they had a better taste than other brands, I thought.
  • Have any friends, family members, or co-workers asked you about your weight loss? If so, how did you respond?
    • I told them I ate right, walked, and then mentioned your product if they were interested in taste and nutrition.
  • What are some examples of meals that you make with our chicken sausages?
    • Add to beans, put them in scrambled eggs, and for a snack I nuke one and eat it by itself. Oh yeah, I added to salads also.
  • Have you ever made a dish using our recipes online?
    • No, I did not know you posted recipes!?I’ve?just been making up my own.
  • What are your favorite flavors?
    • Favorites are the spicy Italian, buffalo chicken, spinach and red onion, and the apple and cinnamon.

I know that we, as a company, are grateful that Blake, out of his curiosity and search for healthy food, discovered Thin ?n Trim and decided to give our chicken sausages a try. We are also honored to be able to help him accomplish such a feat, as well as honored to continuously be a part of his food regimen. And we can?t thank him enough already, we are glad to hear such a story from Blake.


So to everyone out there, if you?re looking for healthy, low fat, low sodium chicken sausages, give us a try! Our chicken sausages are also all natural, and gluten-free (yes, we checked our spices, too)! We hope to hear from more soon!

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2 responses to “Q&A: Blake Stephens on Thin ‘n Trim & His Weight Loss”

  1. Dolores Powers says:

    Just noticed your chicken hot dogs! I have never seen them in my Key food in Astoria,NY 31 st street. How do I get them to order them for their store? I would love to try them! thanks

    • Susan says:

      Hi Dolores! So I finally got an answer for you. You can get your store to order them by talking to the meat manager there, and having them order our chicken hot dogs through Porky’s. Thanks!

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