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Blake Stephens' before and after photos since he started eating Thin 'n Trim Chicken Sausages

?”Do you remember the guy who lost all the weight eating at subway? Well, you folks should use me on your chicken sausages.
I have lost 87 lbs. eating your sausages! I put them in scrambled eggs, use them in stir-fry, and just microwave them and eat them for a snack. They?re the lowest calorie sausages in the world!!”

Blake Stephens from Clover, SC

?We did a follow-up Q&A with Blake.

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by John woods on Thin 'n Trim

Found these beauties at PriceRite We're just coming from a Weight Watchers meeting and admit it was the Cal and fat numbers on the package that caught our eye. We were expecting a bland zero calorie hot dog. Wow, they were delicious! Went back to the store and loaded up before they all disappear. We made sausage, peppers and onion sandwiches on the grill. They were juicy, spicy, as good as any real sausage I've has. Great job and we're looking for more products in the future.

by Ann on Thin 'n Trim
Great Sausages

I should have written this review sooner, however, "better late than never". These sausages are simply great all around....taste, nutritional info and price. They used to be 2 Points Plus value per sausage and now they are 1 Smart Points value on the new Weight Watchers system. You cannot ask for more from any product.

by Sandi H. on Thin 'n Trim

Absolutely love your products! Delicious!! I'm a "foodie" & recognize good food when I see, smell & taste it. No longer am I sacrificing my health for taste. Thanks so much. I've shared (reluctantly) my sausage w/ friends & family to their delight as well! Can't say enough about your products.

by Nancy J. on Thin 'n Trim

Just discovered your wonderful gourmet chicken hot dogs! Nutritious and delicious!!! Superior to all the other brands that I had purchased in the past.
I will not go back to them but will stick with Thin Trim!!!

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