October 22nd, 2013

Fight Fall Cold and Flu Symptoms

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It is over half-way through October and though the temperature doesn?t show it, we are deep into cold and flu season. Here are a few solutions to help you and your family stay healthy through the next several months.

The first thing to do is to add some healthy practices to your routine.

  • Wash your hands – often! Most viruses are spread by direct contact, so make sure to clear the bacteria from your hands frequently.
  • Don?t touch your face – As with the point above, there are several bacterial entryways in your facial region: mouth, nose, eyes, and ears. This is especially critical for kids? who seem to touch everything. So keep the hands away from the face at least for a few months.
  • Don?t Cover your sneezes and coughs with your hands – Anything coming out of your (or someone else?s) body can contain bacteria that can make you sick. Instead, cover your sneezes with a tissue, or your sleeve so that the next thing you touch does not spread the bacteria.


The next part of staying healthy is to put good food in your body.

  • Omega 3?s – found in salmon, tuna, and mackerel. These help with reducing inflammation and anxiety (which can lower your immune system).
  • Garlic – Not just good for flavoring your dishes, garlic also contains antioxidants to combat cold symptoms.
  • Anise seeds – The best way to take these is in tea – the licorice-flavored seeds have antibacterial properties to ease symptoms like coughing and congestion.
  • Citrus – It is pretty commonly known that Vitamin C, especially when taken at the onset of sickness, will significantly cut down the duration.
  • Lean (and skinless) turkey breast – Lean protein is helpful to build muscle, but it also contributes to building antibodies that fight infection in your body.
  • Leafy greens – These plants contain phytochemicals. This is a fancy term for the nutrients and minerals found in plant life. Eat darker leaves, which pack a bigger punch of nutrients. The only downside is that the darker leaves tend to be bitter.
  • Chocolate – Good news here! Pure cacao is rich in antioxidants, but the benefits get lost in the sugar and milk that is added in the processing. Choose a dark chocolate bar (with less added sugar and milk). Or better yet, sprinkle cacao nibs on your cereal in the morning for the healthy boost.

The third part to fight fall cold season is to take care of your body. This includes regular exercise, cutting alcohol consumption, and not smoking. The last thing to do is to relax! The more stress in your life, the more your body gets worn down and your immune system can?t work its magic.


We wish you luck in the coming months as you take care of your body and strengthen your immune system by adding good health practices to your routine and fueling your body with powerful foods.










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