March 21st, 2014

Spring Vegetables to Look For

With Spring’s arrival just yesterday, we at Thin ‘n Trim are still hoping that you are keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions! For those that have chosen to eat healthier this year, we hope that it hasn’t been a struggle.

Just remember that Thin ‘n Trim products make it an easy choice. All of our products are low in sodium and at least 95% fat free. So when you need a healthy dose of protein and don’t have much time in the grocery store, pick up one (or more) of our products!

Also, the beginning of Spring means warmer weather (although it is taking its sweet time!) and a variety of vegetables that will be in season! A few vegetables that will be in season that will be great to pair with our variety of chicken sausages, chicken hot dogs, ham steaks, and deli lunch meats are:


Artichoke: These will be great to saute with our variety of chicken sausages. Just serve them over your favorite kind of pasta! If you have a bit more time, you can even make some stuffed artichokes, using our chicken sausages as part of the stuffing.

Asparagus:?These are great with almost anything, whether you want to saute, steam, or bake them. Here’s an idea:

Ham Wrapped Asparagus with Balsamic Glaze

Ham Wrapped Asparagus with Balsamic Glaze

Avocado:?Slice these and stack them on your sandwich, paired with our low sodium deli meats! Or you can make mash them and create a spread instead!


Radishes: These are great in sandwiches as well. You could also slice them and toss them into your Chicken Sausage Salad!

Vidalia Onions:?These sweet onions will be around come April. Onions are very versatile so be free to use these wherever and whenever! Toss them raw into your fresh salad, stack them on your sandwich, or saute them with our chicken sausages!


Of course, this list is not comprehensive at all! We just wanted to give a mention a few of our favorites vegetables to help you along your goal of eating healthy!


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